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Medical massage for auto accident injuries

Medical Massage

Medical massage is different from wellness massage.  This focused physical medicine treats a specific dysfunction or injury sustained during an auto accident, at work or during daily life.  Postural and orthopedic assessments are used to to evaluate and treat the specific areas of injury.   Unlike wellness massage, this form of treatment must have a “medical necessity” (such as an auto injury) which is predetermined by a physician (MD, DO, Chiropractor or Physical Therapist).

Specific techniques are utilized by the Medical Massage Therapist to treat whiplash and other injures sustained during an auto accident, chronic pain, and sub-acute soft-tissue injury.  Research has shown that massage therapy significantly decreased lower back pain as compared to standard treatments (Cherkin, et al, 2011).






Paying With Insurance


1.  Call your insurance company

When you file a claim with your insurance company, let them know you will be seeking medical massage and other treatments for your injuries.  Not all insurance companies cover medical massage therapy, so ask your claim manager if this is a covered treatment.


2.  Call your doctor & get a prescription

Your Primary Care Physician (Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, or Osteopath) can write a prescription for medical massage therapy.  You must have a prescription before we can bill your insurance (including people with Blue Cross Blue Shield).


3.  What should I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing like  running shorts or yoga pants, and a T-shirt or tank-top.  You will be asked to move around during the postural assessment.


4.  Arrive 15 min early

There is some paperwork you will need to fill out.


5.  What information do I need to bring to my 1st appointment?

  • Claim and insurance ID number
  • Insurance company contact information
  • Physician contact information
  • Lawyer contact information
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